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Omegle is one of the most popular free online chat websites that allow its users to socialize with people from different country and origin. This service pairs the users in a one-on-one session where they can have a chat with each other using anonymous names. In case you are using the Spy mode, the names will be like ‘You’, ‘Stranger’, ‘Stranger 1’, ‘Stranger 2’, and so on. This site has been created 1v1 chat by 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks who is from Brattleboro, Vermont.Omegle App

The website was launched on March 25, 2009 and in less than a month, the website received around 150,000 page views a day. In March itself, the website introduced video conferencing feature as well. The website now brings a mobile application as well, allowing you to connect to the strangers. You can make friends online, have chat with them, video chat with them and can stay connected forever using Omegle app, which is also considered as Omegle Random Chat alternative

How to Use Omegle App?

We know that the app can be used for video chatting and texting with a random stranger. If you are looking to chat or video conference with stranger, here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Text’ button to have a text chat on Omegle.
  • Click on ‘Video’ button to have a video chat on Omegle.
  • If you wish to add your name, you can add it.
  • You can also talk to college students if you are studying in a college. You need to enter your college email id for the same.
  • You can even add your interests on the topics you wish to talk.
  • There is option to move to 18+ website or have an unmoderated session as well.

Omegle Features

Omegle was launched as a text-only website that paired the users with random people to communicate. In 2010, Omegle introduced the video mode complementing the text chats. The users could then use webcams and microphones to chat.

  • Spy Mode was introduced in 2011. In this mode users can ask question to two strangers in between their chat and view the discussion between two strangers on that question as third party. The spy can quit anytime without ending the chat between two strangers.
  • A new feature of text and video modes was added in 2012 allowing you to input “interest” tags. This allows user to get paired with a stranger having something common with the stranger.
  • In 2013, uncensored version of video chat was introduced where user can have video chat with random stranger in uncensored mode.
  • In 2014, another features for dorm chat was introduced. It required users to provide .edu email addresses and get connected with college students.
  • Recaptcha feature was introduced in 2015.
  • You can make new friends from different countries as you can chat with random strangers and can share your contacts as well.
  • This gives you an opportunity to have friendship with people from different parts of the world and expand your social network too.
  • You can have adult chats as well in uncensored mode and stream anything you wish as it is totally uncensored.
  • The app allows you to connect with endless number of people for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

The users of this online chat service have different questions that might have been left unanswered. Don’t worry! We are here to help everyone of you with few FAQs.

Is Omegle free indeed?

Each and every feature of this app is free. So, enjoy your conversation with strangers without any restrictions.

Should I worry about my privacy?

Omegle is an anonymous chat. Like other random chat platforms, it doesn’t ask for your name, Facebook account, phone number or email. Do not share your information with anyone until a trustworthy relationship is established.

What should I know before I hit the start button?

Make sure you have understood all chat rules and agree to follow them whenever you are chatting with a stranger.

Why do I need to indicate my gender?

Omegle is a video chat where boys are looking for girls and girls are looking for boys. Your choice won’t be visible to other users. Indicating your gender will help you avoid blocking.

What is the best time to go online and find new people?

Every time is good. As a rule, Friday nights and weekends are when most people random chats.

How can I communicate with a stranger from another country if I don’t speak his/her language?
Just enable text message translation in the video chat settings. Every word you type in the text chat will get translated.

Can I reconnect with a person if we got disconnected?

Due to the anonymous nature of this application, you cannot get reconnected with the stranger you were talking previously.

What are the best tips you can give to become a likable person in the chat?

Do not hide your face from anyone. Your smiling face and honest behavior impress the stranger sitting at other end.