iPage vs Fatcow Webhosting Review

By | August 14, 2020

iPage was web solution service provided which supplies simple solutions to those users who wants web page design, development as well as hosting services. After being inactive for many years, it was launched again on October 2009.

Today, this hosting company is hosting millions of websites in their data centre servers. With the help of iPage, one can easily start a website in few minutes by paying cheaper price. It takes only 5-mintues to sign up with iPage and can do payment through PayPal and credit card. It is also a secure web hosting provider, so you don’t need to worry about payment safety and security. With much of a technical and experience in this field, one can easily start using a website. Let us look at this iPage hosting Review.

iPage hosting Plans

There are basically three-month terms to choose from 12-month, 24-month and 36-month plan. The longer you take hosting services, the lesser you need to pay for renewal of subscription. There are various promotional rates as well for new users and old users. One of the good things about iPage hosting is that it is without a doubt their anytime money back guarantee.iPage vs Fatcow

If you have idea about hosting business, a hosting services would be for 30-45 days trial period. But with iPage, you can claim an entire refund during the time you cancel the account at the registration period of time. Simply speaking, there is no associated risk with subscribing for iPage.com. Anytime you don’t like the service, you can easily end off your hosting account and ask for refund. Continue reading iPage Hosting review to learn more about it.

iPage Pricing Concerns

iPage essential plan starts with $1.99/month. This plan fits all kind of requirement needed for website developer or its owner. It is applicable for firs time you buy a plan, so if you go for 12-month plan, you can renew your account after 12-months by simply standard pricing of $6.99 to $8.99/month which depends upon your subscription. Read complete iPage Hosting Review and learn more about its hosting and other services.

iPage Hosting Reliability and Performance

It is one of the most reliable web hosting providers which runs their servers on Green energy. Their servers are reliable and maintained by efficient team of technical expertise.

iPage Hosting Customer Support

iPage also provides 24×7 customer support contact by phone, email and chat options. It has won many awards for its good quality of customer support and has satisfied many customers with good quality.

Ease of Use

iPage provides customization control panel with interactive usage. It is also having security suite of $100 which includes making your features on website more secure which you cannot find on other web hosting company plans. The best thing about iPage web hosting is that it provides hassle free service with best plans, better security, reliability, interactive usage, 24 x 7 customer supports and easy refund process which benefits many users all over world.

Do you silently wish that your web hosting services were as simple, easy and calm as a cow, which is a very simple creature? Fatcow hosting reviews tell that Fatcow is the real name for this dream of yours. It is the best possible alternative to all those technical and complicated market of web hosting. Fatcow hosting reviews by all its users explain that it offers you with everything that is needed to build a basic ground for any website. Its premiere feature is that it is highly competent to all the other hosting providers in the industry, plus it is easy to use. Its simplicity makes it different from the other web hosting companies.

As you go through the various Fatcow hosting reviews, you will realize that by choosing Fatcow you will experience premium quality hosting with simple, easy to use toolset and an extremely supporting staff, which is competent enough to resolve any issues that arise on your course of website building. However, since it’s simple, you can’t expect any kind of sophistication here. If you are a techno-driven individual, opt for something else. But, am sure, most of us want our tasks to get completed easily and quickly with good quality.

Fatcow Hosting Plans and Price

Fatcow hosting allows you to choose any plan ranging from a three year plan to a 12 months plan. However, it is recommended to opt for the three year plan to get the best price for per month Fatcow hosting. But, the two year and the 12 month plans are also used by many. The Fatcow hosting reviews also show that it refunds your full amount if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of your Fatcow hosting period.

When you purchase a Fatcow hosting plan, you get some credits from Google, Yahoo and Facebook, which you can use for advertising your business and generate the first traffic as you start up with your new website. The various Fatcow hosting reviews posted on different sites also tell you about the truth of getting listed at Yellowpages.com for free with Fatcow. Getting access to WordPress blogging tools and Joomla content management system are other notable goodies included, while you take up Fatcow hosting services, suggests Fatcow hosting reviews.

Customer Support

Fatcow hosting reviews show that the company believes in providing you with a 24/7 approachable customer service crew, which is friendly and always ready to answer all your queries. The knowledgeable team is there to assist you in case of any technical problem that may arise at any point of time.

People using Fatcow have listed in the Fatcow hosting reviews services simplify your work by providing all essential services required to start with a new website. This includes your domain, creating your own domain email accounts and easy access to upgrade your package at any point of time. New users find it very interesting to work with Fatcow. This is clearly stated in Fatcow hosting reviews. This is because it really simplifies their work and makes building up a website a hassle free endeavor.

The users have talked about its advanced features in their Fatcow hosting reviews, which are able to attract the experienced users as well. You can let your users search through your website with its Google custom search option and can also manage your website well using the Webmaster tools provided by Fatcow efficiently. Fatcow hosting reviews also report about its feature of supporting word press, PHP BB Gallery2, which allows you to turn your website into a blog or to add message boards and photo galleries to it.

Final Thoughts

iPage is not leading high quality supervision but also provides everything you need to start your own internet website which includes web host, website management, email hosting. E-commerce services, domain sign up, website scripting and also internet promotion. It has many satisfied customers over the years with its features and support. Hope you enjoyed reading this iPage Hosting review. You can also contribute a wonderful iPage Hosting Review here.

Learn more about its features from Fatcow hosting reviews and enjoy the simple Fatcow hosting services that will meet most of your needs of building up a fresh new website.

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