Diabetes- Are you putting life at Risk?

By | November 9, 2020

The rate of diabetes in case of both adults and individuals is increasing at a faster rate which has made the controlling of disease a lot more difficult for doctors and other hospital facilities.  According to studies and research conducted, it is expected that the figures will still rise as various individuals have been detected of borderline sugar levels which makes them prone to diabetes. In such cases, following traditional methods of treatment is not going to do any good to an individual as these methods do not concentrate on curing disease instead looks for symptoms and methods to control it.Diabetes- Are you putting life at Risk

Genetic disorder

Type-2 diabetes can be genetic; however, this is also for just one case out of thirty people. For the rest of the people getting affected with diabetes, it is because of their unhealthy living style. Despite conducting numerous researches on the subject topic, nothing relevant has been found which can prove the existence of genetic transfer. So no individual can blame their forefathers for this disease.

How does it get started?

An individual needs to be aware of the possible reasons which can lead to diabetes. The food consumed by an individual is converted into glucose. The insulin further allows the glucose to enter into the body cells to be used as energy. For individuals suffering from diabetes, their bodies are not able to produce insulin due to which blood starts building up in the blood itself instead of moving into the cells. The cell gets stuffed with sugar and begins to die which may lead to chronic inflammation. It also produces stress for the immune system which injures the cells and also increases the resistance of insulin. Before the disease is diagnosed, it may also affect eyes, heart and other organs of the body.

Effects of diabetes

The number of diabetes patient is increasing with every day due to poor lifestyle, and it has also led to decreasing life span in humans by about twenty years. However diabetes today can be controlled by taking a few medications and putting a strict control on diet and exercise in routine.

How does exercise and drugs works in diabetes?

According to various research and studies conducted, exercise and a healthy diet are considered to be more effective in comparison to drugs for diabetic patients. Regular exercise and controlled diet may decrease diabetes by around 58% in comparison to 30% decrease in diabetes with medications. Hence patients are suggested to get on a strict diet and exercise to gain most out of it and control the level of sugar in their body.

How does stress affect our survival?

Many individuals in our society have been continuously witnessing the problem of stress. Stress hormones in our body are one of the important ingredients which are secreted by the adrenal glands in our body. However, for individuals who always remains in the state of stress, they may have to bear the short term survival effect. Stress levels also have a direct link with the blood levels and insulin in our body, which is why an individual needs to remain stress-free and live a good life.

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