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How to effectively manage email bulk services?

Selecting the right email service provider is one of the essential and difficult tasks for an individual especially in circumstances when individuals are not aware of which company is better and on what parameters should the companies be compared to find out the best. Some of the standard email marketing services provided by the service… Read More »

What is Google Voice: All you Need to Know

In September 2010 Google introduced Google Voice. This is a free service to anyone who holds a Gmail account. Now the question is: what is Google voice? Google Voice is a free phone number that can be forwarded to any home phone or a cell phone that you own. Moreover, with Google Voice, you can… Read More »

Recipients of a donated car

Car is majorly composed of ferrous metals like cast iron and sheet while some portion of it consists of non-ferrous metals. Hence careless disposal of vehicles can do big harm to the society, owing to which big responsibility lies on the heads of owners regarding the disposal of their cars. The ferrous components in the… Read More »

Wide Area Network Dilemma: Different Types of Networks

Wide Area Network (WAN) is a technological investment that can help you double the revenue. Okay, maybe not double but it’s indeed going to increase the revenue exponentially. WANs come in different colours and flavours. Private, hosted, VPN, software-based, hardware-based, broadband, layer 2, and layer 3 are just a few options available. To break it… Read More »